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In 1912 it was Nathanael Herreshoff's turn. 64 years old and 45 years into his career, the world's most successful yacht designer created for himself the 26-foot, shoal-draft, sloop Alerion. Herreshoff sailed his Alerion for the rest of his life. Now no longer sailed,  she sits inside, on display at Mystic Seaport.

Alerion was brought  back to sailing in 1977, by sailor, Alfie Sanford, who created the Alerion Class Sloop, an authentic copy of Herreshoff's masterpiece. She is for those who wish to experience for themselves, as Herreshoff did, the PURE JOY of SAILING

Sanford pioneered the then new, cold-molding process to build her elegantly in wood. The Alerion Class Sloop is the world's finest sailing boat and has been in limited  production for 40 years. The sloops are desirable and  rarely change hands.

Today, the Alerion Class Sloop is no longer in production.  However, Brooklin Boat Yard fulfills special orders for the Alerion Class Sloop at its yard in Brooklin, Maine, the finest wood building yard in the country. Brooklin Boat Yard builds this early 20th century design with a combination of 21st century technology and 19th century craftsmanship. The result is exquisite. 

Come to Nantucket.  Take a trial sail. Experience sailing as it was in Herreshoff's time, and as it can be again today.


40 years building and sailing this wonderful boat has taught us that:

   •ACS owners keep their boats, half are either originally owned or have had one owner for more than 30 years.

    •The ACS holds her value, 35 year old boats are selling at 70% of new builds. 

    •The ACS is  easy to maintain, even the oldest boats in Nantucket are in like new condition.

    •ACS owners sail more and at less expense than their friends who no longer cruise their  cruising boats.


Today, the Alerion Class Sloop remains the world's finest sail boat.


In 1912 it was Nat Herreshoff's turn, NOW IT IS YOUR TURN.


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The Alerion Class Sloop Story

How the Alerion Class Sloop was created on Nantucket.

Alerion, of Bristol, to Alerion Class Sloop, of Nantucket: the public rediscovery of Nat Herreshoff's masterpiece.

 A technical discussion of the changes made to Alerion in creating the Alerion Class Sloop. 

Review of the Alerion Class Sloop by Roger Taylor.. How she sails from the pen of a master.

Names, home ports and previous owners of Alerion Class Sloop's (current owners' names redacted.) A look at some of the earlier boats shows the geographical distribution that the ALERION CLASS SLOOP accomplished.

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