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In 1977, when Sanford Boat Company began building the ALERION CLASS SLOOP, cold molded, wood construction for sailboats was in its infancy. As the ACS project unfolded successfully, we began looking at ocean going sailboats.


The modest sailboat, sailed for pleasure by a small crew, capable of crossing oceans while remaining suitable for cruising the estuaries, bays and sounds of coastal waters, is the most wonderful complex of conflicting requirements a designer is likely to encounter. She is a sculpture, but a sculpture that must function in a number of most improbably ways. She is a sculpture that must be strong, light, confortable, of specific hydrodynamic and aerodynamic shape and, most importantly, beautiful.


Our intelectual efforts, over the years, have resulted in two actual craft which we present to you below, Fancy and Starry Night. Fancy launched 1985 at Sanford Wood Marine of Richmond, CA and Starry Night launched 2009 at Pease Boatworks & Marine Railway of Chatham, MA. Starry Night is owned by Alfred Sanford and is available for show in Nantucket. Fancy,  after 25 years away, is back in Nantucket in private hands.

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