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The Alerion Class Sloop is built by Brooklin Boat Yard under license from Sanford Boat Co.  Brooklin Boat Yard is well known as the foremost yard in America for contemporary  wood yacht  construction. They are pioneers of cold molded construction. Their highly evolved equipment, trained crew, and years of experience guarantee the value of your purchase.


Each Alerion Class Sloop  is built to order and, once started, takes  about six months to build.  There are a few decisions an owner needs to  make:

     hull color, painted or bright

     teak or canvas  decks

     choice of sailmaker

so don't wait for spring rush; call us today to work out the details of your new boat.

Lines plan derived from take off by Edson Schock of Alerion III at Mystic Seaport. Lines show modification of the lower keel at rudder as built by Sanford Boat Company. We found Shock's lines very fair. We smoothed a  minor irregularity in the garboard area.

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