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STARRY NIGHT was built to try out new ideas in cold molded wood construction. Developed from the experience of building the Alerion Class Sloop, copper nickel keeled FANCY, and cold molded repaired IMPALA Sanford Boat's project was to build a contemporary  ocean going cruiser that retained the look, feel and seakindliness  of traditional cruising boats without the drawbacks of plank-on-frame construction.


Inspired by L Francis Herreshoff's R boat YANKEE she was built over a framework of longitudinal stringers, 5 per side, which generated her shape, radically strengthen her hull and provide foundation for her accommodation and equipment. She is exceptionally strong and highly ballasted.


Beauty is important in a sailboat. STARRY NIGHT has a traditional butternut interior,  built in a light weight yet very strong panel technique. She is  cozy . Altogether, ten species of wood are used in her construction. She was beautifully  built by master craftsmen Brad and Mike Pease at their yard in Chatham MA in 2009.


STARRY NIGHT is capable of offshore passages but she is primarily intended for coastal cruising by a couple, either alone, or with  children or a guests. Her private  aft cabin is fitted with a double bunk. Her smain saloon carries outboard pilot berths port and starboard, a saloon table serviced by setees, and a galley in the forward end. The fo'c'stle has an excellent sea-berth, lockers and stowage. Her fore peak carries her ground tackle and provides dinghy stowage. 

Intended for gunk holing,  she is shoal draft (3.5 ft,  or 7.5 ft with the greenheart centerboard down), yawl rigged,  and designed for single-handed sailing. She is tiller steered and has a big compass.


Her equipment has been kept simple to keep her sailing and out of the repair yard. She has ice box, diesel cook stove, foot pumped fresh and salt water, a single head with the exquisite Skipper toilet. She is powered by a 9HP Yanmar diesel saildrive which will push her along at five knots for about 200 miles.


She is fast, dry, stable and a delight to sail. 

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