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Impala's original sail plan. She is a single headsail 7/8 yawl and her genoa is handled by a single coffee grinder on the fantail.

In 1965 Impala was re-rigged by Sparkman & Stephen. Her mast and boom were shortened  and her headstay raised. She was given a staysail which was set on a removable inner headstay, which eased tacking the genoa when that was used. She was given a set of Barent winches, two #35s for the gen-and and two #28s for the staysail.

Impala's arrangement as designed by Sparkman & Stephens.

Impala's structural plan as drawn and built  by Abeking and Rasmussen.

The drawings on the page  are the property of Sanford Boat Company, Inc., Sparkman & Stephens, LLC., or Abeking & Rasmussen, GmbH,  The information they contain is not to be used in anyway or reproduced, in whole or in part, except as expressly authorized beforehand in writing by its owner.

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