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Sanford Boat Company was established in 1977 to reproduce Nathanael Herreshoff's magnificent Alerion design in modern wood cold-molded construction. We present the result, our ALERION CLASS SLOOP, as the world's finest day-sailor. She has been in our production for 40 years over which time cold molded wood has been accepted as the premier technique for building yachts.


Alfred Sanford, principal of Sanford Boat Company, has sailed his S&S yawl for many years around the North Atlantic and European waters. IMPALA is a classic design, of plank on frame wood construction,. Her adventures show her, in many ways, superior to the modern cruiser, and inform Sanford Boat's work.

Sanford Boat Company, a pioneer of cold-molded wood construction, has continued its research in advanced wood construction techniques, seeking to make the process stronger, more robust and more economical. We focus on offshore designs, called MAGIC CLASS, optimized for gunkholing.

Sanford Boat Company offers BOOKS and bibliographies relative to its work.

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